“We achieved 80% conception on the first cycle.”

Greg and Julie Doherty run Tulai Stud at Deniliquin, NSW, with their son Chris and his wife Anna where they run 300 Border Leicster stud ewes and an Angus stud. They also crop rice and winter cereals.

They used to join their ewes in March, but their cold wet and windy Augusts aren’t ideal for lambing. “I’d heard we could bring joining forward with Regulin,” says Julie, “so we decided to try it.”

They implanted 180 of their ewes in late December 2014 for a February joining. “We were so impressed,” added Julie. “We achieved 80% conception on the first cycle.”

“The lambs dropped earlier and the tighter lambing also meant more lambs at marking. We weaned them a month earlier, and with a much more even mob cleared 100% of our saleable rams.”

“Earlier means joining means our rams are heavier, more mature and consistent in frame size” concludes Julie “and our customers are very happy.”