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Reduce dry ewes

Create a tighter lambing window

Maximise your available pasture

Manage your farm program more efficiently

How does Regulin® work?

Regulin is implanted under the skin behind a sheep’s ear. It releases melatonin, which is naturally produced by all animals, over 100-120 days. This mimics the onset of Autumn, the natural season for joining sheep.

  • In ewes, Regulin induces sexual readiness in spring and early summer, allowing year round productivity.
  • In rams, Regulin increases the amount of sperm in each ejaculate.

With Regulin you can optimise the reproduction cycle of your sheep to suit your weather and feed conditions and your other farm priorities. Lambs can be weaned on greener pasture and ewes can recover more fully for their next pregnancy.

Regulin is suited to all breeds of sheep including Merinos. It can be used in meat, wool and stud farm operations. Larger flocks achieve greater efficiencies.

Ceva Animal Health is recognised internationally as an expert in small ruminant reproduction. It works with scientists and veterinary practitioners to further knowledge of sheep and goat reproduction. Results are published in leading academic journals.

Ceva’s commitment education for small ruminant veterinarians includes the launch of which gathers all available data and publications regarding reproduction in cattle, sheep and goats.

The use of melatonin (Regulin) as a reproductive tool is one of the latest contributions of CEVA in this field.

What our customers think …

David Menz

David Menz

“Regulin really improved lambing in our ewe lambs. I should have treated them all. I will from now on.”

Tony Mackereth

Tony Mackereth

“Most of the ewes are joined in the first two cycles and the number of dry ewes is down to less than 2%”

Peter and Liz Russell

Peter and Liz Russell

“Regulin has shortened our lambing period, which gives us more time later for other jobs.”

implants worldwide this year

implants in Australia this year

Australian farms using Regulin

Improving your return on investment

Regulin consistently increases lamb numbers by 20% by increasing the number of twins, and reducing the number of dry ewes. It also creates a tighter lambing window so you’ll have more consistent lambs at sale time and more time to spend on other priorities.

Customers using Regulin report consistent results year after year. Calculate your potential returns with our Regulin® Ready-Reckoner.

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