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Regulin overcomes seasonal performance in all breeds of sheep, by triggering the natural sequence of reproductive events that would otherwise not occur until Autumn.

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In these longer clips, our farmers talk more freely about how Regulin benefits their sheep enterprises.

Andrew and Jodie Green will host their 5th Annual On Farm Ram Sale on 27 September 2021 at Aloeburn Pastoral Co. Boree Creek NSW.

Sale rams and a selection of commercial ewes will be available to inspect at an open day on Friday 27 August. Guests are invited to join Andrew, Jodie and Tom from 11.00am–3.00pm for a light lunch and an opportunity talk about their work.

More Lambs. More Wool. More Often. No Jetting. No Mulesing.


Andrew Green

Andrew Green from ‘Aloeburn Pastoral Co.’ in the NSW Riverina talks about how Regulin has boosted their Autumn lambing results; the support they receive from the Regulin team; and the benefits of using Regulin to improve nutrition and farm management.

Jodie Green

Jodie Green from Aloeburn Pastoral Co., talks about the great results they got in early trials with Regulin and how they continue to get great results from their December joined flock every year since.

Graham Nickless

Graham talks about his love for farming and yow it’s a great time to be in lamb production in particular. His small sheep enterprise is ticking over nicely, with help from Regulin.

Vic Fowler

Vic Fowler talks about how they use Regulin to manage their flock at ‘Kooroogong’, and how they can now bring their joining forward to enable the ewes and lambs to be let out onto new grazing crops.

Peter Holmes

Peter talks about how in the past few years Regulin has rejuvenated his interest in his farm and how he joins earlier to take advantage of the early sales each year.

Underlay image is an Aloeburn ewe and twins May 2021 photographer: Ross McGrath

With Regulin you get

20%* more lambs

  • Regulin increases conception rates,
  • gives more twins and fewer dry ewes and
  • works in all breeds, including merinos

* Some farmers get more than a 20% increase depending on their sheep, seasonal conditions and their management program. 


More time for other priorities

  • Lambs are born in a tighter lambing window
  • You’ll spend less time in the paddock
  • Advance your breeding season to optimise available feed

A more even line reduces time spent marking and the number of lifts at sale time.

It’s that simple.

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